For Tim, preparation for hiking the AT includes trekking through the snow, trying out down-filled gloves in -6 degree weather, and testing the strength and inside temperature of his sleeping bag and tent in a Nebraska blizzard.  Meanwhile, Lee is testing his equipment in the hills and valleys of middle Tennessee.   The months leading up to the hike includes hundreds of hours of research, weekly (and sometimes daily) purchases from REI, Amazon, Eastern Mountain Sports, GirlyGaitors and much more!  Everything is being weighed, packed and repacked.  Many miles have been hiked checking out the appropriate hiking boots, sending some back, buying a different pair and testing them again.  It’s all in the preparation … Seventeen days and counting down …

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3 Responses to Preparation

  1. joekayak78 says:

    Enjoy your adventure! I start mine in July going the other way.


  2. Jim & Naomi says:

    Have a GREAT journey guys!!!


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