First and Hopefully Last Shelter Stay

SlimTim signing log book at Gooch Mountain Shelter. (Shelter in background)

SlimTim signing log book at Gooch Mountain Shelter (Shelter in background)

Day three started at Gooch Mountain Shelter.  AT shelters are three-sided wooden “huts”.  Since it was raining fairly hard when we arrived, and heavy rain on the way, we decided to try the shelter.  This one is a double-decker and holds up to four hikers on each floor.  We had seven total.  Pilgrim, myself, and six young fellows.  We actually had some other uninvited guests.  Mice are pretty common in these huts.  Pilgrim and I are in agreement that this should be our first and last shelter stay.

Steep trail terrain

Steep trail terrain

Monday brought a tough hike with many VERY steep ups and down.  The ups tax the heart and lungs… the downs work the thighs and feet.

Golf Course View!

Golf Course View!

I spotted this golf course way off in the distance (how cruel is that??)

Trail Magic

Trail Magic

We cut our hike a little shorter than planned today.  We both were struggling and when we heard the weather forecast we decided to find a shuttle that could take us to some nearby cabin rentals.  We will sleep here tonight and probably stick around tomorrow.  The forecast is for 3 to 4 inches of rain tomorrow combined with a chance of tornados.

Pilgrim and I may be old and slow but we have the experience of those years to tell us when to get out of the rain!

The cabins are on Blood Mountain.  Blood Mountain will be our next test, probably on Wednesday.  I haad my first Mountain Dew in the last four days along with a tasty Tombstone Pizza.  Life is good!!!

Happy Trails, SlimTim

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7 Responses to First and Hopefully Last Shelter Stay

  1. Margaret Mattox, friend of Catherine & Lee says:

    Enjoying the pics as your hike continues. A day of rest is good for the body and soul. Prayers for you and Pilgrims safety.


  2. Michael says:

    Glad you have sense to get out of the rain. Tell Pilgram I REALLY feel his pain.


  3. Go light, go slow. Slow is easy, it’s that light deal that gets complicated. Do I really need all this stuff?


  4. Jon Viglione says:

    Enjoying the blog, SlimTim! Best of luck in your adventures and stay safe…


  5. Chris Dufner says:

    Be safe. Sending prayers and good thoughts. Chris


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