Three Days Up, One Down

Trail Magic left by the Angels

Trail Magic left by the Angels

We spent last night in Gooch Mountain shelter and I woke up feeling poorly. I didn’t feel real good when I went to bed and the critters of the night didn’t help!

This shelter is two levels and you just throw your sleeping bag on the floor, crawl in and hopefully go to sleep. The shelter was nearly full last night and not much space between us. We slept upstairs and could hear mice running around all night long. (See SlimTim’s post.)  We both agreed our tents are the best first choice and plan to find alternative places to stay when the weather isn’t conducive to tenting.   There are so many people on the trail and some don’t clean up like they should.  The mice eat the food crumbs, the snakes eat the mice, the bears …. well, you get the idea.

We only hiked 6 miles when I realized my “feeling poorly” isn’t going away.  Then we decided the prudent thing is to stop for the day.  My awesome hiking buddy started calling around to find us a place to land for the night.

So far we have found people friendly and willing to help with information, phones numbers, etc.  SlimTim got the name and number of someone to pick us up.  I think his name is Morris. He storied us the entire ride.  Trail lore and his personal philosophies! We were chauffeured in a Ford ranger pickup truck with hardly enough room for 2 plus his dog. Crowded ride but we made it. We are at Blood mountain cabins and country store.

The cabin is primitive, but we got a hot shower and comfortable beds.  It is a little early on for a zero-day but it is what it is.  Tonight, Good Lord willing, I sleep.

From the trail, Pilgrim


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5 Responses to Three Days Up, One Down

  1. Margaret Mattox says:

    Pilgrim, hope you will feel peppy after a good nights rest. Sounds like you and SlimTim had plenty company the prior night. Good luck to both of you. Looking forward to your next post.


  2. Eileen Waddington says:

    Keep positive. Always best to plan for the long game and listen to your body. Hope you both got a good nights rest 😀👍


  3. Alice Armstrong says:

    House sure is empty with you gone Lee (oops, Pilgrim). Hope you are feeling better and you both sleep well tonight. Please tell SlimTim that I love his skirt! Who would have known……..


  4. Maggot says:

    Hang in there Smurf. I hope your feeling better soon. I’m sure it’s that Navy blood in you that needs to be purged, it’s used to being gently rocked to sleep by the ocean waves while your fellow squids serenade you to sleep. Semper Fi : )


  5. Melissa says:

    Good luck and God bless you and Tim on your journey.


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