Cabin Beaver and A Back Pack Shake Down

Shoe Tree

Shoe Tree at Mountain Crossing Outfitters

Before we left home, SlimTim was aware of an outfitter on the AT that would look over hikers packs (at no charge) and provide for suggestions for lightening the load.  Turns out we were only a short walk from Mountain Crossing outfitters this morning.  This tree is just outside the store and is hung with hiking boots left behind when new ones were fitted for the trail!

We spent a few hours there and they provided a “shake-down”  of  our packs.  We both came away with a lighter backpack and wallet, but it was well worth the time and money (free shakedown but shipping stuff home and a few miscellaneous purchases were on us).

I lost 10 pounds from my pack weighed at Amicolola Falls visitors center. SlimTim lost six. So now that we are lighter than butterflies we are truly ready for the trail!  Early on SlimTim said he better lose some weight on this walk.  I don’t think he imagined it would be 6 pounds in one day!

SlimTim's New Skirt

SlimTim’s New Skirt

One of the highlights of the shake-down came when it was determined that SlimTim’s rain gear is too heavy.  The advertisement goes like this:  The Rain Kilt is a simple solution for lightweight, ventilated weather protection. More specifically, it is a silicon impregnated nylon skirt that keeps the bulk of moisture off of your lower body, while providing ease of movement and great ventilation.

Enuf said.  (When you see him on the trail, wolf-whistles appreciated!)

Cabin Beaver

Cabin Beaver

Our cabin at Blood Mountain Cabins came complete with a cabin beaver. The story goes this guy began his AT hike at Springer Mountain and didn’t make it past day three. (At least, we plan to leave here tomorrow!)

Yesterday’s hike included some time by a beautiful mountain stream cooling off my footsies!

I am feeling some better, hydrated, rested and ready to hit the trail in the morning.

From The Trail, Pilgrim

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3 Responses to Cabin Beaver and A Back Pack Shake Down

  1. Eileen Waddington says:

    Wow that service is impressive. Love the rain kilt, great for the Lake District! You are sounding more positive for the next stage. Good luck boys 😀👍


  2. Feet pictures are, well, disgusting but that kilt…


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