Sunshine, Clouds, Rain, Wind, and Snow

Day 5 Mountain View1

We had a good hike today. Pilgim and I both felt good.  Our lesson for today … the weather can be very unpredictable!  Sunshine, clouds, rain, wind, and snow all in a day’s hike!  At one point I was feeling a little too warm in my short sleeve “tech” shirt and a rain jacket.   As soon as I got my pack off and started taking off the jacket the wind came up, it dropped about 10 degrees and started raining.  I turn around and put on my Down jacket AND raincoat.  I also added my rain skirt, ERRR … “man kilt!”

Day 5 Mountain View 2We reached our camp site early in the afternoon and set up tents in the rain.  Within the next four hours, approximately 15 hikers made it to the shelter (shelter made for 6 to 8 hikers.)  The shelter is crammed full of college kids and they seem to be having a good time despite the weather!

It is now another 20 degrees cooler with wind, that I would honestly guess to be 60 mph, up here on Blood Mountain.  One gal actually showed up at the shelter in shorts.
Pilgrim and I are comfortable in our tents and hunkered down for the night.

Happy Trails, SlimTim

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One Response to Sunshine, Clouds, Rain, Wind, and Snow

  1. Jon Viglione says:

    Thanks for dropping landmark names – I’m following you on an interactive AT map! It looks like you are a third of the way through Georgia (or thereabouts). That’s a loooong way to Maine but one state at a time…


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