Cleaned Up, Filled Up, Rested Up

SlimTim Blood Mountain Tent

SlimTim on Snowy Morning at Blood Mountain

Yesterday started out well.  The sky was fairly clear but we ended up walking most of the day in the rain.  When arrived at our campsite the rain was joined by strong winds.  It was very difficult to put up the tents and the dropping temperatures and freezing cold conditions continued through the night.  Once our tents were up we got into our sleeping bags to warm up.  We started to prepare food but our stoves didn’t work because it was too cold and windy.  That meant we had to eat our snack food, nuts, and raisins.  Once into our sleeping bags, we both hunkered down trying to get sleep with the wind roaring.

When we got up this morning everything was frozen and dirty from the rain and muddy conditions.   We decided to just pack up and get moving as quickly as possible, eating a few snacks along the way.  The first part of the hike today was not all that difficult.  However, when we reached the peak of Blood Mountain we were faced with very rocky terrain.  The snow and the rain made the rocks slippery and made for a very difficult descent.  We arrived at Neels Gap a little afternoon and spent the first hour eating everything in sight, loading up on calories, carbohydrates and protein!  A moon pie finished off my frenzy eating and it was great!

This afternoon was spent getting our gear cleaned and prepared for tomorrow.   Everything was wet and dirty.  Our goal is to put in about 11 miles tomorrow arriving at Low Gap Shelter by late afternoon.

Some side notes: Sleep is a bit elusive so far.  Both SlimTim and I are working through the adjustment of tent sleeping.  Someone else we ran into on the trail has the name Pilgrim, but it fits me well and I don’t plan to change.

This seems to be a bit of a slow start, but we knew beginning our hike so early in the season might require us taking zero days because of weather.  Hikers also have to adjust for the unknown event of sickness.  We surely didn’t expect my sickness and the big storm one day after the other.  But, it is all good.   Although today was cold and snowy the mountains were absolutely beautiful. We are meeting a lot of great people!

From The Trail, Pilgrim

P.S. Thanks for following and reading our ramblings.  It is encouraging to us to know you are interested!

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13 Responses to Cleaned Up, Filled Up, Rested Up

  1. rob says:

    Hang in there.


  2. Dewey says:

    Keep it up – your adventure is very inspirational!


  3. Maribeth Hartin says:

    Love reading about your adventures but I will admit it makes my wood stove and warm bed look GREAT!!!!! Have fun and be careful, a twisted ankle will mar the journey.


  4. Maribeth Hartin says:

    Love reading of your adventures, but gotta say they make my wood stove and warm bed look GREAT!! Have fun and be careful, a twisted ankle will be a hindrance.


  5. Jim says:

    I think you make a GREAT pilgrim and I love your posts!!


  6. M E Mattox says:

    Praying for better weather and safety for both of you. Keep the updates rolling in.

    Sent from my iPhone



  7. Eileen Waddington says:

    This is certainly an adventure and you both seem to be rising to the challenge so well. Just be careful on those stones don’t want any broken bones! 😀👍


  8. Alice Armstrong says:

    Needless to say I am very proud of your endurance and each day look forward to your story. Hope today will be one of safety, better weather and happy trails. Love and miss you both.


  9. Alice Armstrong says:

    PS Hope there will be many more “Moon Pies” along the trail!!


  10. Bonnie Saunders says:

    Sounds like you already miss Catherine’s great cooking! Praying for you and Tim as you wander in God’s great outdoors! Thanks for your vivid blog, but it is making me shiver!


  11. Maggot says:

    The scenery looks beautiful the experience sounds amazing. Sounds like the weather is as weather is.. unpredictable. There is nothing worse than being cold and wet. In an attempt to understand and relate to your conditions on the trail Melissa and I watched the movie Everest last night. I think it worked. This morning after sitting down at my desk to eat my morning bowl of oatmeal, I noticed that my feet started feeling really cold. I am struggling through and hopefully after I finish my next cup of coffee I will find the motivation to make it to the thermostat. O.K. I know that was some cruel psych warfare but really I am jealous… well at least of the scenery and the good experiences not the bad weather and being sick stuff. Hang in there Smurf and happy trails.


  12. Two Moons & Scout says:

    Logging in with our Mtn Man names, since it’ll be the closest experience we’ll ever have to the AT!!! Thanks for the WP share– we look forward each day to new posts with your great pics and stories. You two are doing such a fantastic job of capturing and sharing moments of the trek, we feel like we’re watching a movie!


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