Ups and Downs of the Trail

Day6 sceneryDay 6 arrived, after a good nights rest, we left from Neels Gap at a little after 9:00 AM.  We were up and downhills all through the day and hiked 11 miles to Low Gap shelter arriving about 3:44 p.m.  I had some bad news at that point when my hiking partner, SlimTim,  who has had a double knee replacement, shared concerns about the ruggedness of the trail and the effect it would have on his knees in the future.  He decided to get off the trail at Unicoi Gap which is 52.9 miles into our hike.  I assured SlimTim there is nothing about this hike that is worth risking lifelong injury.

I am a solo hiker now. I thought about quitting myself because as much as I like the hiking I’m not real keen on sleeping in a sleeping bag.  At home, I’m a free range sleeper and we have a king bed.  I tend to toss and turn which I find I cannot do in the sleeping bag!  It can be very confining. I also tend to get up a lot during the night. But after getting back on the trail I realized how much I love to hike.



So, good Lord willing, I will go as far as I can and hopefully, that will be the end of the trail at Mt. Katahdin, Maine.

AT Helen GA Day 7

52.8 miles from Spring Mountain

Today, we left from Low Gap and hiked 10 miles to Unicoi Gap.  We met up with my wife Catherine and mother-in-law, Alice. We are spending the night in Helen, Georgia and I’ll be back on the trail coming morning.

Day 7SlimTim’s been a great help and hiking partner.  I look forward to future times together either in a Corvette or on the golf course!  God speed my friend.

From The Trail,

P.S. Catherine reminded SlimTim tonight that he really did me a favor.  After all, because of him, I was able to begin this journey at all.  I am grateful.

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12 Responses to Ups and Downs of the Trail

  1. Vicki sparks says:

    You are awesome Lee, sorry to read about your hiking partner but you will do great !


  2. M E Mattox says:

    Sorry to hear SlimTim’s sad news, He gave it his best. Wishing you continued success, will be praying for you along the way. Happy Hiking!

    Sent from my iPhone



  3. Maggot says:

    Smurf I hate to hear the bad news about SlimTim. I wish I could hit the trails and help push you along but you’re on your own with the whole sleeping bag stuff. Remember not to talk to strangers. don’t eat the yellow snow, don’t follow the banjo music and don’t forget to look both ways before crossing the trail but I’m sure Catherine has already given you the safety briefing.
    Remember Melissa, Tayler and I are all pulling for you, so hang tuff.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Each has to hike their own hike and decide what is best. No worry. I agree on the sleeping bag issue. My closet has an abandoned bag sitting rolled in the corner. I switched to a quilt and found it warm and I’m able to spread out a bit if it’s not too cold of a night. Look forward to your stories and I’m sure you will meet lots of interesting hikers along the way. And the reports of mountain lions in North Carolina seem to be in question. When you get there let us know what you find out.


  5. Michael says:

    Good luck Pilgrim. Later this summer I will try to do a few days with you.


  6. Ohhh, Sorry to hear Slim Tim will be leaving the trail– sounds like a hard decision that had to be made. We’ll miss him here. We figured you’d probably carry on, Pilgrim…so, carry on! His eye is on the sparrow! Take good care and Happy Trails! Just don’t sit with your spurs on.


  7. You may want to look into replacing your sleeping bag with a quilt. I’ve been using one for years because I roll around all night and sleeping bags eventually get twisted tightly around me. A quilt is also great when you need to get out of bed fast for a 3am nature call you should have taken at 2am 🙂

    Sorry you lost your partner SlimTim, but the trail is long and you’ll likely pick up new companions throughout your adventure. That is part of the fun!


  8. Eileen Waddington says:

    Really sorry Slim Tim had to call it a day, not an easy decision I am sure. Good luck on your lone hike, hope you have nice music or inspirational texts on your iPod. Keep safe and enjoy those wonderful surroundings.nrooting for you 😀👍 Eileen xx


  9. Toni Davidson says:

    I wonder if you will hook up with another partner. I’m all for you fulfilling your dream but seriously like the buddy system. Even the Deciples were sent out in pairs you know😊 This has bee a fascinating adventure to read. God’s speed my friend. You are in my prayers. Toni


  10. jennyraynes says:

    Thinking about you Lee. What a fantastic thing to be doing . Take care of yourself . Jennyxx


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