When Your Body Speaks

Day 7 Stunning Views

Day 7 Stunning Views

Today, we had our longest hike so far, arriving in the late afternoon at Low Point Gap.



Pilgrim arrived a good 30 to 60 minutes before me at our planned campsite.



It seems that this place is aptly named.  For me, this is a low point.  Over the last couple of days, it’s become increasingly obvious that the steep downhills are not doing my artificial knees any favors.  I’m finding that I need to use my poles to support my weight on every step-down, which is slowing me down greatly.  I knew my artificial knees could be the weak link but I didn’t know how they would handle the mountain terrain until I gave it a go.

Day Seven Scenes

Great Views, Rocky Terrain

As much as I hate to bail on Pilgrim, the best interest of my health tells me I should come off the trail.  We will hike 10 miles tomorrow to the nearest road and I will drop off the trail.

What goes up must come down!

Steep, Rocky Terrain

Happy Trails,

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12 Responses to When Your Body Speaks

  1. Michael Paulsen says:

    Total Admiration.


  2. Chris says:

    Totally support you and your health.

    Agree,total admiration.


  3. Maribeth Hartin says:

    So sorry, but one never knows until they know. Sometimes we just have to bow to the inevitable, but knowing you gave it a shot should give you a feeling of accomplishment. As a hiker friend of mine said “even if they’re on the trail only a week it will change them”. Perhaps you can identify with that at this pointl


  4. Margaret Mattoc says:

    You gave it your best, most would not attempt such a challenge. My admiration for you and Pilgrim attempting the hike.You can say what others can’t “we tried.👏🏼


  5. Shannon Jacobs says:

    Will Pilgrim continue alone?


    • SlimTim says:

      He is planning to continue. He will have a lot of company out on the trail as it seems a lot of folks started early this year as we did.


  6. Avery says:

    You the man. My brother. Get those knees strengthened up and when I retire we can try it again.


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