Snowing n’ Going!

Carter Gap Shelter

Carter Gap Shelter  March 3, 2016

I slept pretty well last night. Thanks for the prayers!  I left Muskrat Shelter at 8:00 this morning arriving at Carter Gap at 2:00 p.m. It started snowing at 1:00. (Just like my wife told me it would last night. Just sayin…)

By 2 o’clock we have 3″ on the ground and it’s supposed to rain later tonight. Should be nice and sloppy for tomorrow’s hike!

Yeah! Passed the first state border!

Yeah! Passed the first state border!

This border picture is from yesterday.  I didn’t have enough cell service to send it yesterday.

Crystal Trees

Crystal Trees

Yesterday I saw the most fantastic ice crystals and snow on the far off mountains and then up close on the trees and brush I was hiking through.

icy mountainsLook at that blue sky!

Most of the hikers that were at Muskrat Shelter last night are here at Carter Gap Shelter tonight — Cabot, Hobbs, Root Beer, and Pinky. We are having a blast!  We had a little trouble finding the water source upon arrival because of the snow, but together we found it!

My lunch/dinner consisted of Top Ramen noodles with tuna fish added in.  When you are hungry this is delicious!  SlimTim and I vowed not to spend another night in a shelter, but that was before this winter storm blew in.  Hopefully, the local inhabitants are hunkered down and won’t spend time scurrying around tonight.

Starting  MM 81.4     Muskrat Creek Shelter  at 8:00 a.m.
Arrived MM  93.9      Carter Gap Shelter at 2:00 p.m.
This was a 12 1/2 mile day and although cold, it felt great!

Franklin, North Carolina is 16 miles up and down the trail.  Right now it stands for “a hot shower, hot food, dry clothes and a good bed.”  I would really like to make it there tomorrow.  Hmmm…. 

From The Trail,

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4 Responses to Snowing n’ Going!

  1. Margaret Mattox says:

    Oops! I typed the wrong Carolina yesterday, can’t imagine doing that. Wishing you a successful hike tomorrow, “Happy Trails”


  2. jennyraynes says:

    Really hope you get there tomorrow too Lee. Good to hear you have some good company . I am enjoying the blogs so much and willing you on safely and happily xx


  3. Eileen Waddington says:

    The weather is certainly testing you Lee, but you seem to be coming out on top 👍 Glad you met up with some like minded adventurers at the end of the day. Will you on to that hot bath and dry bed today. It’s great to read your blog each morning and see the photos. 😘😘👍


  4. From this end, It’s great seeing the pics and reading recaps of your day, PIlgrim. Thanks! Keep ’em coming– we’re watching and reading!


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