Resting Up, But Ready To Roll!

Trekking Poles With A Cross

Trekking Poles With A Cross

It’s day fifteen and another rest day, my third since hitting the trail.  The siren’s lure of a hot shower, a comfortable bed, and food that does not need rehydration has drawn me from the trail once again.  My plan was a motel stay every two weeks or so.  At my present rate of nights in motels, I will have to mortgage the house (sorry Catherine).

I have now hiked 109.8 miles on the A.T. with the hiking poles pictured above.  I hiked a little around Tennessee hills when I first bought them.  But today, I noticed the cross on the poles for the first time.  I sent the picture to Catherine, knowing she would appreciate and find comfort in the symbolism.  In this short time on the trail hiking alone, I have discovered once again, I am never alone.

Pilgrim's new Back Country Quilt Bag delivered to him soon!

Pilgrim’s new Back Country Quilt Bag delivered to him soon!

I ordered a new sleeping bag and I am praying this one helps me get more sleep on the trail.  The write-up and reviews say it is for the “restless sleeper who tosses and turns.” Sounds about right.  Catherine will deliver it to me this week!

Because I have this extra time I will share a few random thoughts from the trail. I knew before I started this hike that I would be stepping out of my comfort zone. It wasn’t until I started that I realize just how much.  Once again, the A.T. looks a lot different from my easy chair in the living room!

First, it has been years since I have camped out but l felt comfortable doing it again even at age seventy-one.  However, I never camped in winter weather much less during storms.  I’ve been caught twice in snow storms when I couldn’t get off the trail.  The first one SlimTim and I weathered in our tents, and the second I spent in a shelter.  Standing outside in 23-degree temperatures to do anything is a challenge and I guarantee I’ve been out of my comfort zone. I also used an “outhouse” when I was younger, but at seventy-one, this is definitely out of my comfort zone. (And I won’t even discuss using the woods.)

Then there’s the bunking with twenty other people men and women. That takes me way out of my comfort zone too! I may have tried to avoid showers when I was a kid but these days I like a daily shower, and when I don’t shower every day I feel very uncomfortable.

Naturally I’m out of my c z, however, that isn’t all bad – maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks.  More lessons coming from a mountain just down the trail …

Starting  MM   109.8
Ending   MM   109.8
Zero miles today but I am rested and ready to roll tomorrow!

Happy Trails,

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6 Responses to Resting Up, But Ready To Roll!

  1. Toni Davidson says:

    Glad you are being smart and resting AND showering when you can, Lee. How many miles is this whole trail? Wish I could send you some Colorado weather. It is a balmy high 60’s. Keeping you in my prayers even on your rest days🙏 God’s speed. Toni


  2. Eileen Waddington says:

    Glad you are enjoying your rest day, recharge the body and the mind. To get in the spirit of your challenge I watched the Bill Bryson film last night, A Walk in the Woods. The bits of the AT on it looked both beautiful and challenging! Hope the new sleeping bag does the trick 😘


  3. Pamela Jones says:

    Hope you manage to get some better sleep now Lee. Keep showering! xxx


  4. Margaret Mattox says:

    Following your daily post and enjoying them very much. Continuous prayers for your safe journey.


  5. hikeminded says:

    Hi Pilgrim, I wanted you to know, that you have international followers 🙂 (I’m from Berlin/Germany) I follow your journey every day, I like how you write and I think your story is very inspiring! I wish you the the best for your trip and yes, I think at every age it is possible to learn something beneath your comfort zone. But it’s reasonable to take a break, too.


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