On The Downhill

Day 18 Shelter Mate, Turtle

Day 18 Shelter Mate, Turtle

Day 19 I left sassafras shelter at about 8 o’clock this morning and arrived at Brown Fork Gap shelter at 2:30 this afternoon.

Pilgrim at Sassafras Gap Shelter, Day 18

Pilgrim at Sassafras Gap Shelter, Day 18

Sassafras shelter is at mile marker 144 and Brown Fork Gap shelter is at mile153.3 for a total of 9.3 miles today.

Stecoah Gap, NC Day 19

Pilgrim, Stecoah Gap, NC Day 19

Stecoah Gap is at mile 150.7 and they have a hostel there. I’m proud of myself because I could have stopped but decided on another 3 miles to round out the day.

I was thinking that hiking the A.T. is like life – lots of ups and downs.  On the A.T.,  you sometimes come upon a mountain that seems almost insurmountable, but you know that soon you’ll get to the top and then you’re on the downhill.  It takes concentration to persevere through the difficult climb.

Life is like that –  you are cruising along and all of a sudden you come upon a problem that seems insurmountable. Both situations require faith to get through it, faith in God and faith in yourself. I know He allows us to be in difficult situations to strengthen us, but He doesn’t abandon us, He is always here.

I’m reminded of SlimTim’s “About” writeup.  “And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.”  Hebrews 12:1

After another difficult climbing day, I’m on the downhill for the moment.  I persevere to hike another day!

From The Trail,

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5 Responses to On The Downhill

  1. Eileen Waddington says:

    You are looking really well and it’s great to see you in sunshine, long may it continue 👍👍


  2. Pamela Jones says:

    I really feel the Pioneer in you Lee – I wonder whether you feel in touch with your ancestors and your heritage while on this trip?


  3. Bryan Daugherty says:

    Great job! Very proud of you.


  4. avery blankenship says:

    Great posts. each day My wife and I look forward to your posts.


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